Wolfram Research Europe Ltd

As the creators of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, and Wolfram GPT? , Wolfram Research has been pioneering scientific innovation for over three decades. Wolfram technology has long been a component of intelligent assistants and other AI systems, delivering tools for R&D, education, enterprise and consumer applications.

Best known for Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, Wolfram Research has been pioneering computational intelligence and scientific innovation for over three decades. Wolfram provides a highly integrated technology stack for multi-paradigm data science including the very latest methods in machine learning, computer vision, predictive analytics and automated reporting. Already integrated with Chat GPT? , Bard and Bing, Wolfram|Alpha injects advanced computation, math, curated knowledge and real-time data into LLMs.

All of these applications, and many more, are unified by the Wolfram Language, a robust computational language with the largest integrated collection of algorithms ever assembled. As well as providing technology, Wolfram's technical services group can lead or support your data projects from innovation to deployment. Learn more at www.wolfram.com.


Valerie Jackson

Technical Project Manager