Connectivity in Low Earth Orbit (CLEO) Webinar

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When: 10 August 2023, 10:00 - 10:40

Where: Virtual Webinar

Cost: Free

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The government is working to establish a potential £160 million scheme to fund the next generation of satellite communications development and boost the UK’s leadership in the ever-growing global satellite market. The Connectivity in Low Earth Orbit scheme (CLEO) would build on our country’s established and growing satellites industry by providing UK researchers and businesses with critical support to drive the development of new constellations. The development would mark the UK’s most significant ever investment in satellite communications, unleashing our country’s potential to become global giants of the satellite industry while creating hundreds of highly skilled jobs to boost the Prime Minister’s priority of growing our economy.

CLEO would aim to deliver the R&D needed to support the launch of hundreds of satellites into space, revolutionising the UK’s communication infrastructure and closing connectivity gaps.

Please find more information in the press release and we have also published content across our social media channels, including Twitter.

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