CW TEC 2024

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When: 27 June 2024, 09:00 - 17:30

Where: Cambridge Computer Laboratory

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The CW Technology & Engineering Conference (CW TEC) offers a more technical engineering focused agenda than the CW International Conference, exploring an emerging problem that our engineering community has highlighted as being particularly worthy of debate.

This AI conference focuses on integrating AI in critical industries, highlighting this technology's potential and engineering challenges. It comprises four sessions:

  • Introduction to AI: Covering AI fundamentals and recent advancements.
  • Applications in Critical Industries: Understanding AI's role in critical industries, such as telecommunications, cybersecurity, healthcare, and banking.
  • Engineering Challenges: Discussing the practicalities of AI, including AI systems engineering challenges, data management and deployment tools.
  • Future Directions: Exploring upcoming technologies and trends in AI.

The event aims to bridge AI technology with real-world applications, emphasizing both current uses and future possibilities.

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