Quantum readiness: the transport sector and quantum computing

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When: 01 May 2024, 14:00 - 17:00

Where: Webinar

Cost: Free

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Embracing the quantum computing revolution is essential to addressing challenges and developing the next generation of intelligent transportation. 

The future of the UK's transport infrastructure is under continued to pressure to address huge challenges such as how it will reach net zero, improve the experience of passengers and intregate new mobility solutions. 

The application of quantum computing shows significant promise in achieving these goals. For example, quantum-enhanced navigation systems could alleviate traffic delays with enhanced precision, while quantum sensors and imaging technologies could ensure safer and more efficient travel. Quantum computing is already experimenting with optimising traffic flow along railways and roads, reducing congestion, and enhancing overall transportation efficiency. 

However, to leverage quantum, collaborative efforts between government, the nascent UK quantum industry, and the public will be instrumental.

This session will explore the transformative journey towards a people-centric and quantum-powered future of transport. Key players, including industry leaders and government representatives, will share insights on pushing forward the adoption of quantum technologies in the transport sector.

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