Ericsson unveils new solution for intelligent use of energy in network sites


Much of society runs on networks. This makes it vital to ensure that networks are efficiently powered while using existing energy infrastructure. The new Site Energy Orchestration solution from Ericsson acts as an intelligent bridge between the radio access network (RAN) and power grids, optimizing operations to boost energy cost savings, reduce carbon footprint and open new revenue streams. 

Recent energy crises including those caused by extreme weather have shone the spotlight on the need to be smarter and more intentional about energy grids and how telecom networks are powered. This involves continuous effort to minimize energy consumption and the use of stored energy at network sites including renewables, which requires a transition toward an intelligent energy setup and an integrated approach to energy management.

An increase in the use of electric-powered vehicles, scooters and more is also stepping up demand on the power grid. The ongoing transition to renewable energy sources, which vary in output, makes it more important to match power generation with consumption.

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