Nokia, Telia complete outdoor 6GHz trial

Written by Saf Malik for

Nokia office

Nokia and Telia have completed a field pilot in the upper 6GHz spectrum band range that will add capacity and coverage to existing macro cell sites in dense urban environments.

The trial used a Massive MIMO antenna based on Nokia’s AirScale Habrok radio, and showed how Nokia technology can offer a seamless evolution path when 5G-advanced and 6G networks become available.

Mark Atkinson, head of RAN at Nokia said: “This field pilot demonstrates that Nokia is ready to help mobile operators integrate the bandwidth of these new spectrum allocations seamlessly into their existing network allowing them to provide coverage from the existing macro cell sites on the higher frequency bands.

“Nokia’s AirScale portfolio is already at the forefront of the industry and further enhancements to our Massive MIMO solutions will support these future demands and our customers’ network evolution journey.”

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