SK Telecom unveils quantum security chip

Written by Joana Bagano for TelecomTV

SK Telecom unveils quantum security chip
  • The chip is the first product from SK Telecom’s recently formed quantum alliance 
  • The Q-HSM chip, developed by SK Telecom and cryptography specialist KCS, generates unpredictable encryptions and integrates post-quantum cryptography
  • The chip aims to prevent hacking through unique physical unclonable-function technology.
  • Q-HSM can be used in multiple products, including IoT devices, drones and CCTV systems 

South Korean telecom giant SK Telecom has unveiled a next-generation quantum cryptography chip, Q-HSM, designed to meet the requirements of future data encryption standards and bolster defences against future cyberattacks.

The chip has been developed in collaboration with Korean hardware-based cryptographic module specialist KCS and is the first product to be launched by SK Telecom’s recently announced quantum alliance (more on that development below). 

According to SK Telecom, the “world-first” chip integrates hardware-based quantum random number generator (QRNG) technology, which creates strong, unpredictable passwords, software-based post-quantum cryptography (PQC) functions and physical duplication protection (PUF) technology. This integration enhances cybersecurity measures by utilising complex mathematical algorithms to preemptively defend against potential quantum attacks. 

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