Telecoms Trailblazers: A Day in the Life of Dafne Cerdán


Hello, I’m Dafne Cerdán and I am the Head of Marketing and Social Media at Weaver Labs, a Telecoms-software company building a blockchain-based network management tool to open up access to connectivity. I have experience working with a range of brands, including both start-ups and established companies. My role is to increase public engagement with Weaver Labs, in addition to the telco sector as a whole.

My biggest achievement is using marketing strategies to attract funding from non-telco communities. We need to revolutionise fundraising in telecoms, and looking outside of the industry is a way to do that. After all, the UK identified ‘Future Telecoms’ as one of the county’s five key technologies. 

A few months ago I was also invited to join the UKTIN Talent Advisory Group, which brings together key figures from across the UK to raise awareness of the skills, talent and entrepreneurship opportunities. Encouraging women into the sector is a priority of mine: only 3% of UK telecoms engineers are women. The group aims to address this, encouraging education leavers, career returners and switchers to consider a career in the industry.

  1. What do you enjoy most about working in this space? 

    The freedom to express my creativity. I enjoy the continuous learning journey and the rewarding challenge of building connections and facilitating communication within the telecom community, as well as beyond. I feel genuinely passionate about introducing more people to the world of telecoms.

  2. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done in the name of work?

    I capture photos and videos on behalf of Weaver Labs at telecom events. Sometimes I might also conduct a few interviews or gather testimonials. I don’t enjoy being in front of the camera! But if I don't do this, how do I give visibility to my company? How do I steer it in the right direction? This is how social media platforms operate. Whether it's baking a cake for our 5th anniversary and getting the team to pose with it, or spontaneously conducting a quick-fire round of questions with our CEO on the spot, it’s all part of the job.

  3. What excites you most about working in telecoms?

    Telecoms is an industry that shoulders the significant responsibility of making the technology we enjoy every day a reality. I think many people are unaware of this. Most people could name the likes of Meta, Apple, and Tesla but what about the other players in the ecosystem? Telecoms is an exciting industry with immense potential. Hopefully, with time, young people will come to realise that.

  4. What would you like people to know about your work?

    Marketing is so much more than just posting online. My job involves crafting strategies, understanding audiences, adapting to evolving social networks, and learning from both successes and failures. In the realm of telecoms, my role extends far beyond these tasks. We need to be more open, more welcoming, and more appealing, to draw in the talent that we need help attracting. Google didn't become the dream workplace for young people by accident. I may not work on the technical side, but I still play a significant role in this industry. 

  5.  ​​Why is a vibrant, flourishing telecoms ecosystem important for the UK?

    A thriving, dynamic telecoms industry will guide us towards the future. If we fail to embrace this, we risk losing our edge in the market. It is time to adapt.

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