Travel eSIM Users to Grow 440% Globally Over the Next 5 Years; Disrupting Traditional Roaming Market

Travel esim

A new study from Juniper Research, the foremost experts in telecommunications markets, found that the global number of travel eSIM users will grow from 40 million in 2024 to over 215 million by 2028.

Travel eSIMs provide an alternative to operators’ roaming services, by allowing travellers to download a temporary local profile onto their device and avoid roaming charges.

The study predicts that the rising cost of roaming internationally will drive the adoption of travel eSIM packages. It found that in 2024, mobile subscribers will spend an average of $8.57 per GB of data when roaming, whereas travel eSIM users will spend $5.50 per GB. This will result in a 35% saving; creating a substantial value proposition for international travellers.

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