UKTIN Telecoms R&D Future Capability Strategic Leadership Forum

The Telecoms R&D Future Capability Strategic Leadership Forum is responsible for gathering insights and ultimately building new bridges between industry and academia. More than just an aggregator of inputs, the forum uses a “systems thinking” approach to telecoms research, development and innovation, aligning findings and perspectives.

The R&D priorities of the forum are dictated by technology trend analysis and as such will evolve, but are themed around the four tiers of advanced integrated digital infrastructure:

  • Devices
  • Connectivity
  • Information 
  • Service Enablers

Additionally, consideration is given by the members, comprising each of the Expert Working Group Chairs and established industry experts and academic researchers, to cross-cutting issues including:

  • Sustainability and Net Zero
  • Security
  • Future capability
  • Diversification
  • Architecture
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Standards

Group outputs are fed into the UTKIN Cross-Government Telecoms Strategic Coordination Group.

Group Members

Dritan Kaleshi
UKTIN Lead for Future Telecoms Capability & Group Chair
Dritan Kaleshi
Director of Technology – 5G, Co-Director of SONIC Labs - Digital Catapult
Kishan Nundloll
UKTIN Strategic Engagement & Group Secretariat
Kishan Nundloll
Policy, Research & Strategic Engagement Lead - Digital Catapult
Kostas Katsaros
UKTIN Strategic Engagement
Kostas Katsaros
Lead 5G Technologist - Digital Catapult