The Accelerating RAN Intelligence in 5G project (ARI-5G) is focused on network management and optimisation for Open RAN

Key information

Total project funding amount: £2,377,686

Category: Government Funded

Location(s): Newbury, Ipswich, London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Stevenage

Status: Open


Telecom Infra Project (TIP), Accelleran, Amdocs, AttoCore, British Telecommunications Plc, VIAVI, West Midlands 5G

Unlike single-vendor solutions, the economic incentive for any vendor to develop an interoperable RAN solution – one that can be readily substituted by a competitor’s product – is challenging.

While ultimately such an interoperable ecosystem will benefit the entire industry, there is an initial barrier to be overcome. Public funding thus plays an important role in the early stages to promote interoperable architectures while seeding the necessary technical capabilities in the industry.

This project is:

  • exploring interoperable architectures while seeding the necessary technical capabilities in the industry;
  • accelerating the testing of Telecom Infra Projects RAN Intelligence & Automation’s (TIP-RIA) use cases for vendor interoperability across the E2 interface of the O-RAN specifications;
  • validating the xAPP model for different software solutions on the RIC platform;
  • and promoting substantive advances in power management/energy efficiency as well as spectrum management by leveraging technologies such as AI/ML.

Project Overview from Innovation Briefing Issue 8

The Telecom Infra Project-led Accelerating RAN Intelligence in 5G project (ARI-5G) will drive progress on network management and optimisation for Open RAN.

Specifically, ARI-5G examines how the RAN is operated in a multi-vendor environment, focusing on the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and its role in network automation, providing fine grained, use case driven control and management of RAN resources.

An interoperable ecosystem will benefit the entire telecommunications industry, and the demonstration of multi-vendor network management models will be a key enabler to adoption.

This project will look to validate interoperable architectures while seeding technical capabilities in the industry.

Although elements of Open RAN-based architectures are increasingly being deployed worldwide, several of the specific technologies are still in developmental stages.

The aim of FRANC is that development activity and the subsequent creation of new standards can occur in the UK. The programme ensures that devlopment activity and creating new standards occurs in the UK, and incorporates many UK partners.

Most network operators are enthusiastic but also cautious about Open RAN, and technology vendors still need to prove various concepts before purchase orders will be made by operators in larger numbers.

The caution means that some vendors have been reluctant to invest because the marketplace is still developing. This project can provide validated solutions that can unlock demand and encourage further investment

Led by TIP, the Telecom Infra project, the consortium includes Accelleran, Amdocs, AttoCore, BT, VIAVI and West Midlands 5G.

Organisations participating in this project

Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is a global community of companies and organizations that are driving infrastructure solutions to advance global connectivity.


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AttoCore develops ultra-mobile core network software technology that can be deployed in consumer, professional, government and enterprise scenarios. Small footprint and high quality make it particularly well suited to edge applications.

VIAVI Solutions

VIAVI Solutions (NASDAQ: VIAV) is a global leader in both network and service enablement and optical security performance products and solutions. Our technologies contribute to the success of a wide range of customers – from the world’s largest mobile operators and governmental entities to enterprise network and application providers to contractors laying the fiber and building the towers that keep us connected.


West Midlands 5G Limited (WM5G) is the UK’s first regional 5G testbed, operating across the West Midlands and paving the way for the future roll-out of the technology across the UK.

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