International Advisory Support

Breaking into a new market can be daunting, especially in a sector as complex as telecoms.

Through international collaboration, the telecoms sector can scale and share the fruits borne from innovation globally. 

With strengths in industry, academia, and entrepreneurship, the UK is an attractive location for international partners to drive forward innovation in the sector. 

To find out more about the UK’s strengths and opportunities for overseas businesses, download our paper: Why the UK is the definitive R&D destination, which sets out the UK’s appeal and how UKTIN is enabling a new model for international telecoms innovation.

How can UKTIN support you? 

Our UKTIN International Advisory Support Service has been designed to offer overseas organisations a smoother path to entering the UK.

With deep expertise in the UK telecoms sector and a broad network to match, our specialist advisers can provide tailored guidance and support to:

  • Guide you through the compliance and standards requirements for operating in the UK
  • Signpost you to organisations, universities and individuals relevant to your business interests
  • Foster introductions and support in the creation of consortiums, investment opportunities and commercial partners
  • Facilitate access to testbeds, labs and testing facilities
  • Help you understand the different regional capabilities across the UK and how best to access them

Whether you’re an established player on the global market or a start-up, we can support you in identifying—and capturing—new opportunities in the UK.

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