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National Composites Centre

The National Composites Centre (NCC) is an independent, open-access technology centre delivering world-class research and development of composites. As part of the UK’s Catapult Network, we offer our partners access to the latest technology, provide technical expertise and the business support they need to overcome barriers to innovation and accelerate their growth.

NCC Group

NCC Group is the UK’s leading information assurance advisory company, delivering the full spectrum of cyber security services to a global client base across all industries.

As a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation, NCC Group has a specialist telecommunications practice providing bespoke cyber assurance services to numerous telecommunications operators, government organisations and vendors both in the UK and internationally. These services for fixed & mobile networks, whether public or private, range from penetration testing, software and hardware review and threat-led red teaming (including TBEST) to governance, risk management and compliance support. Our extensive experience working with operators and vendors gives us a strong understanding of the industry dynamics and allows us to take a strategic and independent perspective on the successful development and deployment of technologies in a secure manner.

We have performed numerous 5G related security assessments for major operators around the world. This work has included threat modelling High Level Designs prior to their implementation to define threats, inherent system risks and residual risks. We have used that information to formulate recommended lists of security controls for our clients.


NEC is a leading global manufacturer and service provider of telecommunication, computer and electronic devices, NEC has devoted more than 100 years of technological innovation...

Netcom Training

Delivering digital skills fully-funded by the West Midlands combined authority


Neutroon is a SaaS operating system making multi-vendor Private 5G + edge apps easy and affordable for enterprises. Users can manage multiple multi-vendor Private 5G networks and easily orchestrate apps on different edge platforms from a single pane of glass through its Hyperslicing™ technology.