West Midlands 5G Limited (WM5G) is the UK’s first regional 5G testbed, operating across the West Midlands and paving the way for the future roll-out of the technology across the UK.

In September 2018, West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) successfully won the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sports (DCMS) competition to accelerate the roll out of 5G and be the lead partner of the DCMS 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme Urban Connected Communities (UCC) Project. The project will run from 2018 to March 2022.

WM5G’s purpose is to demonstrate the value of 5G technology across a number of market verticals in an urban environment. WM5G are utilising fifth generation mobile technology to make a real and positive difference to the people and businesses of the West Midlands by increasing productivity, accelerating digital adoption and improving public services.

WM5G operates a number testbeds and accelerative initiatives to deliver a wide range of use cases and ideas to support our vision for the West Midlands. The current testbeds include Citizen Wellbeing (health & social care), Mobility and Industry 4.0; and will allow participants to drive innovation and instigate sector reform.

WM5G acts as a convener, encouraging market participation and driving investment into 5G technologies. This can only be achieved by aligning the interests of the technology players (data platforms, security etc.), market players (SMEs, global businesses, systems integrators etc.) and users (the public/citizens).

Ultimately, WM5G is accelerating the adoption of 5G technology to bring opportunities and improvements to the West Midlands and across the UK. The aim is to show the way - by creating a digital hub, services for citizens and businesses and creating prosperity and growth for the region.