Qualcomm Announces Breakthrough Wi-Fi Technology and Introduces New AI-Ready IoT and Industrial Platforms at Embedded World 2024


At the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. showcases its significant presence in the embedded and IoT ecosystem and positions itself at the center of the digital transformation by continually accelerating innovation across industries. More than 35 companies—spanning from embedded design centers, distributors, and independent software vendors—are showcasing solutions powered by Qualcomm® processors across segments such as robotics, manufacturing, asset and fleet management, edge AI boxes, automotive solutions, and more.

At Embedded World, Qualcomm Technologies is unveiling additions to its portfolio of products and solutions designed to empower its customers in the embedded ecosystem. The new Qualcomm® QCC730 Wi-Fi solution and Qualcomm® RB3 Gen 2 Platform provide critical upgrades to enable on-device AI, high-performance, low-power processing, and connectivity for the latest IoT products and applications. 

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