Ampliphae provides telecoms consultancy and software development services to the telecoms and networking industry, especially network management and security.

Ampliphae has a lightweight cloud-delivered network analytics platform which allows them to analyse network security and identify risks - including cloud data loss risks and the suitability of encryption technology in use.

Ampliphae is leading an Innovate UK project to build a quantum-secure Private 5G network testbed in London, and are carrying out collaborative research into OpenRAN RIC security with Queen's University, Belfast.

Ampliphae is a specialist provider of consultancy and software development services to the telecoms industry. Our consultants have collectively decades of experience in the telecoms sector in Europe and the US, from Silicon Valley startups to national operators and global equipment manufacturers. They have strong backgrounds in:
- Network configuration and management (including TM Forum standards)
- Network virtualisation (Ampliphae is a founding member of the Open Source MANO project, and an early contributor to the ONF OpenFlow project)
- Cyber-security of networks and applications (Ampliphae is a graduate of the LORCA and Tech Nation Cyber accelerators)

- Digital transformation of telecoms operations, especially the business model disruptions that come with open and virtualised network technologies.


Ampliphae has provided consultancy services to major international operators and vendors, smaller MSPs, and software startups across Europe. Our team has developed software for telecoms network monitoring and management, and we have particular expertise in virtualised networks of all types – from SDN programmable networks to virtual and containerised network functions deployed a t cloud scale. We have assisted government policymakers in assessing the security of mobile network technologies, and work with all the major telecoms standards bodies.


Ampliphae can augment your team with specialist skills and knowledge derived from decades of experience in the telecoms industry, on a short or longer-term basis. 

Specific capabilities include:

- Authoring bids and submissions for grant competitions in the telecoms and software space

- Business model analysis and solution design for 5G use cases, helping to understand how 5G technology can be applied to solve problems and improve efficiency in vertical use cases. 

- Private 5G network solution design including virtual edge deployments

- Cyber security analysis and solution design for private 5G networks

- Solution design and implementation of projects integrating 5G technology for vertical solutions, especially Smart Cities, Manufacturing and Healthcare


We offer flexible participation models such as:

- Resource augmentation of the client team on a day-rate basis

- Consortium partner to bid for funding 

- Partnering for RFP/RFI commercial opportunities

- Development of IPR which can be licensed into a project