Northern Ireland

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Project | 17 Nov 2023

The Belfast 5G Innovation Region

The Belfast Region is contributing to Northern Ireland’s innovation economy by making targeted investments in initiatives that will accelerate the adoption and commercialisation of advanced wireless technologies.

News | 19 Jun 2023

Everything you need to know: 5G adoption

An investment package worth almost £150 million was unveiled recently by the Department of Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT), with up to £100 million to put the UK at the forefront of research and £40 million to boost 5G tech adoption. UKTIN spoke to Kate Greenham, Head of Programmes for Wireless Infrastructure, DSIT.

News | 14 Jun 2023

ITP Awards 2023

Recognising individual talent in the Digital Industry

Resource | 06 Jun 2023

UKTIN Magazine | Issue ONE

First issue of the new UKTIN Magazine

News | 05 Jun 2023

SONIC Labs: Have Your Say

The Department of Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT) has launched a survey today to gather views on the activities of SONIC Labs to date and opportunities for further development beyond March 2024.

Event | 01 Jun 2023

Smart Infrastructure Pilot Programme | Online Briefing Event

About the Event

DSIT is inviting Local Authorities, telecoms industry representatives and others with an interest in local telecoms infrastructure to attend a virtual briefing event on Thursday the 15th of June for the opportunity to hear about the Smart Infrastructure Pilot Programme competition.  

News | 12 May 2023

UKTIN Opens Latest Recruitment for Expert Working Groups

UKTIN is excited to announce that recruitment has opened today for our remaining four Expert Working Groups.

Resource | 04 May 2023

UKTIN Launch Event | Slides

Slides as presented by the Head of UKTIN, Nick Johnson, at the UKTIN Launch event on the 27th April 2023.

News | 25 Apr 2023

The Open Network Ecosystem Competition | A deep dive into the three themes

In this article we will take a look at the three key challenge areas to understand the rationale behind the competition’s focus.

News | 20 Apr 2023

Introducing the Expert Working Groups

UKTIN is excited to announce that recruitment has opened today for four of our Expert Working Groups.

Resource | 17 Mar 2023

DSIT Science and Technology Framework

Britain has a long history of leadership and innovation, from the steam engine to the World Wide Web, that has brought growth and prosperity to both our nation and the world. As we look towards the future, investment in science and technology is more important than ever.

Project | 16 Mar 2023


Realising Enabling Architectures and Solutions for Open Networks (REASON) brings together an ecosystem representing the entire telecommunications R&D.

Topic | 20 Feb 2023


The potential benefits of 5G, future wireless generations and full-fibre digital connectivity can only be realised if we have confidence in the resilience of our infrastructure

Topic | 17 Feb 2023


Diversification of the telecoms supply chain is ultimately about choice, a desire to broaden the choice of equipment and solution providers in the sector-driven by commercial, technical and geopolitical factors

Topic | 16 Feb 2023

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting industry on a broad scale and telecoms is no exception, offering the potential to cut through network complexity, address new requirements, increase performance and enable automation

Region | 15 Jun 2022

Northern Ireland

The number one location in the UK and Ireland for full-fibre access

News | 17 May 2023

Wireless Infrastructure Strategy: Everything You Need to Know

As part of the new Wireless Infrastructure Strategy, the UK government has set out its ambitions to connect the UK with the fastest, most reliable wireless coverage available – with an ambition for all populated areas to be covered by standalone 5G by 2030. UKTIN spoke to Louise Lancaster, Head of Wireless Infrastructure Policy.

News | 13 Apr 2023

UKTIN’s Quarterly Reflection | Q2

Designed to be an informal conversation that provides a glimpse behind the scenes, UKTIN speaks to the consortium about activities of the last three months, with a focus on MWC Barcelona.

Event | 27 Mar 2023

Open Networks Ecosystem | Commercial & Finance Teach-in

As part of the Open Networks Ecosystem (ONE) Competition DSIT is offering applicants the chance to attend two teach-ins which cover three key areas of the application process. These teach-ins will aim to improve applicants' understanding of how best to engage with DSIT on the following key areas; commercial, finance and subsidy control. 

Resource | 11 Mar 2023

NEOS Networks | Our UK-wide network

Our 34,000km private telecoms network spans the UK providing a range of high capacity connectivity and collaboration solutions.

National network maps

Resource | 11 Mar 2023

ARI 5G Presentation

The Telecom Infra Project-led Accelerating RAN Intelligence in 5G project (ARI-5G) will drive progress on network management and optimisation for Open RAN.

Resource | 11 Mar 2023

Beacon 5G

Beacon-5G will develop a high performance Open RAN 5G system aligned with Open RAN framework and principles, focusing on reconfigurability, security, trustworthiness, and service architecture agility.

Resource | 11 Mar 2023

Best of British RAN Project Presentation

Best of British, or BoB will build high performance small cells 100 per cent designed and manufactured in the UK. The apparatus it produces will significantly reduce the cost of deploying a small network through advanced radio design.

Resource | 11 Mar 2023

Comp-O-Ran Presentation

The Coordinated Multipoint Open Radio Access Network (CoMP-O-RAN) will deploy densified outdoor small cell clusters using 5G New Radios (NR) to complement existing mobile networks, reduce the cost-per-bit and deliver enhanced 5G network performance.