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Project | 12 Sep 2023


BEACH is led by Dense Air, with partners West Sussex County Council and technology providers Radisys UK, VM Ware, Sitenna, and the University of Glasgow, to implement an energy efficient shared mobile network responding to increasing user demand.

Project | 12 Sep 2023

Sunderland Open Network Ecosystem

The 'Sunderland Open Network EcosysTem' (SONET) Project is poised to transform the way we engage with live sports and esports. the project will showcase a highly efficient, state-of-the art High-Density Demand (HDD) Open RAN solution at the Stadium of Light and the new British Esports Arena, part of the National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland.

Project | 12 Sep 2023

One Western O-RAN (Bath)

ONE WORD, the Open Networks Ecosystem Western Open RAN Deployment, will deploy a 5G Stand Alone RAN in four High Density Demand (HDD) scenarios; the City of Bath, around Cardiff’s Principality stadium, the historic Shelsley Walsh motorsport venue, and Shrewsbury’s Quarry Park.

Project | 12 Sep 2023

Navigate (London)

Project NAVIGATE aims to design, deploy, test and validate a blueprint for deploying open, shareable, public mobile 5G capacity in High Density Deployment (HDD) environments at scale, with Open RAN.

Project | 12 Sep 2023


The 5G SwaP-C project aims to revolutionise wireless communication technology by developing high-frequency and energy-efficient ultra wide band gap power amplifiers for massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Manufacturing: How To Identify Your Connectivity Requirements

Guide to help manufacturers identify their connectivity requirements

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Health & Social Care: How data privacy can be effectively managed via 5G networks

Security and privacy is vital when dealing with peoples' personal. This guide explores how 5G networks can deliver secure connectivity, providing assurance to the sector and patients.

Resource | 13 Jul 2023

Manufacturing: An Introductory Guide to 5G & Security

A guide exploring 5G's security credentials, its ability to support zero trust models and the interplay between security and safety.

News | 19 Jun 2023

Everything you need to know: 5G adoption

An investment package worth almost £150 million was unveiled recently by the Department of Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT), with up to £100 million to put the UK at the forefront of research and £40 million to boost 5G tech adoption. UKTIN spoke to Kate Greenham, Head of Programmes for Wireless Infrastructure, DSIT.

News | 14 Jun 2023

ITP Awards 2023

Recognising individual talent in the Digital Industry

Resource | 06 Jun 2023

UKTIN Magazine | Issue ONE

First issue of the new UKTIN Magazine

News | 05 Jun 2023

SONIC Labs: Have Your Say

The Department of Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT) has launched a survey today to gather views on the activities of SONIC Labs to date and opportunities for further development beyond March 2024.

Event | 01 Jun 2023

Smart Infrastructure Pilot Programme | Online Briefing Event

About the Event

DSIT is inviting Local Authorities, telecoms industry representatives and others with an interest in local telecoms infrastructure to attend a virtual briefing event on Thursday the 15th of June for the opportunity to hear about the Smart Infrastructure Pilot Programme competition.  

Resource | 18 May 2023

Testbed & Trials Programme | 5G Wales Unlocked Final Report

Final report from the Wales Unlocked project outlining project outcomes and lessons learned.

News | 12 May 2023

UKTIN Opens Latest Recruitment for Expert Working Groups

UKTIN is excited to announce that recruitment has opened today for our remaining four Expert Working Groups.

Resource | 04 May 2023

UKTIN Launch Event | Slides

Slides as presented by the Head of UKTIN, Nick Johnson, at the UKTIN Launch event on the 27th April 2023.

News | 25 Apr 2023

The Open Network Ecosystem Competition | A deep dive into the three themes

In this article we will take a look at the three key challenge areas to understand the rationale behind the competition’s focus.

News | 20 Apr 2023

Introducing the Expert Working Groups

UKTIN is excited to announce that recruitment has opened today for four of our Expert Working Groups.

Resource | 19 Apr 2023

DSIT Open Networks Ecosystems Pitching Event Presentation Slides

Roundup slides from the DSIT Pitching event

Resource | 17 Mar 2023

DSIT Science and Technology Framework

Britain has a long history of leadership and innovation, from the steam engine to the World Wide Web, that has brought growth and prosperity to both our nation and the world. As we look towards the future, investment in science and technology is more important than ever.

Project | 16 Mar 2023

Scalable Optical Fronthaul for 5G OpenRAN

This project is developing ground-breaking, UK-made, scalable, cost-effective optical interface technology to enable dense roll out of optical fibre 5G radio access networks (RANs) with open digital interfaces

Project | 16 Mar 2023


The NeutrORAN project is showcasing the latest innovations in the Open Radio Access Network (RAN) space

Project | 16 Mar 2023


The ORanGaN project is developing a sovereign UK supply chain, manufacturing processes, and packaging solutions, for radio frequency gallium nitride (RF-GaN) devices which are critical to 5G...

Project | 16 Mar 2023

Secure 5G Platform using Novel, Efficient Wideband PA

This project is developing a unique and novel 5G O-RAN platform able to provide better efficiency, higher security and a wide frequency range enabling it to be ready for future 5G bands